Forms of Prolonging

Installation as part of Les Traversées du Marais, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2017.

Presented as an investigation into witnessing a catastrophic accident on the Pont Neuf in July 2017. Doctors in such circumstances are professionally but not legally obliged to provide medical asssistance: ‘There is no legal obligation to offer help in such circumstances, but there is a professional duty to so’ [General Medical Council]. Once involved, however, they can be found legally responsible for errors. For doctors, this can furnish public spaces with a personal and responsibility for others’ lives far beyond usual working hours.

The video Objective Structured Clinical Examinations takes its name from the format of examinations for doctors where simulated emergencies, often involving actors, are formally assessed. 

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (Exercise 42)
Single channel video with sound
3 mins 55 seconds

Accompanying this video was an installation. In the weeks following the incident, the few square metres of public space where the accident took place were treated as an unsecured crime scene in which I had participated. Evidence in the form of objects were collected from the site for the subsequent two months. Archival images of events on the segment of road were collected and pinned to the walls.