Forms of Prolonging

Installation views as part of Les Traversées du Marais, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2017.

Presented is an ‘investigation’ into witnessing a catastrophic incident on the Pont Neuf in July 2017. The process involved treating a specific area of public space as an unsecured crime scene. In doing so, it related this event to the history of the Pont Neuf and representations of this site throughout history, included found objects from the scene of the incident, and narratives written sequentially on the days that followed the incident overlaid onto footage of the scene in the present day. 

Manipulated inkjet prints from archival images of the scene, coloured pencil, charcoal, pins (on walls and tables); Clay, found objects from the scene, pins, text (on tables); Video of the scene today with overlaid text (in adjacent room). 


Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (Exercise 42)
Single channel video with sound
3 mins 55 seconds