Installation views, London, 2015.

Documentation of a one-night exhibition in the empty terraced family home where I grew up the night before the house was sold and the keys handed over to a property developer. Home-cooked dinner was provided. Home videos, Kodachrome slides and AV equipment found in the house used throughout the installation.


Works included:

Carousel (Don Draper)
Single-channel video with sound
3 minutes
A clip of Don Draper in Mad Men presenting an advertising pitch for the Kodak carousel based on generating the emotion of ‘nostalgia’. Installed in the basement.

Carousels (Richard, Melissa, Adam, and others)
Two Kodachrome slide projectors on continuous asynchronous loops, the family’s Kodachrome slides.
Installed in the my father’s former bedroom.

Our Greatest Hits
Two CDs played on two CD players. One CD is a mixtape of my favourite songs, the other is a mixtape of my parents’ favourite songs. Both are played simultaneously on loop in two corners of a room.

New Lynx Black
Single-channel video with sound
8 minutes
Installed in the my former bedroom.

Sword Fights
Single-channel video with sound
8 minutes
Installed in my mother’s former bedroom.

Having a Domestic
Single-channel video with audio
2 minutes 25 seconds
Installed in the attic.

Huge thanks to Eloise Stevens.